The Fireplace

This fireplace has been a piece of work. The fireplace is really the main focal point of the great room in this house and so the exact right stone needed to be found. That took months! The next step was getting the stone cut down to the right height and size to wrap around the firebox.

Step 3 was delivery. The stone came on a big 18 wheeler flat bed truck and weighed 6000 lbs, then was picked up by an under-sized excavator which slowly picked the rock off the truck and teetered it’s way up the driveway and around the house to the door opening we passed the rock through. We took a chance on scooting the rock around on our structural slab on 2″ PVC pipes cut to 3′ lengths. To our dismay, none of the PVC rollers broke during this operation which is lucky because if it weren’t for the rollers we would not have gotten this thing into place.

Once the rock was in place, we had to form up the walls around the fire box, get a permit revision for cast in place walls (rather than CMU), then get inspections, then pour concrete, then strip the forms. All worked out in the and the following pictures show some of the steps. Thanks to Alec and his design vision for making this happen.

2014-03-19 13.34.02


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