Testimonials from some of the clients and architects I have worked with:

“Philip was an excellent partner for us in our first-ever renovation project.  In addition to all the standard contractor tasks – like selecting and managing the subs and keeping the project on track – he did a fantastic job of helping us think through key design decisions that made a big difference in how our home turned out. He was a pleasure to work with, and I would highly recommend him.” 

Susan George – Mill Valley CA

“Philip Swett is the most attentive, effective, and quality based builder that we have worked with in residential construction during the life of our architectural practice. Philip’s high standards are consistently matched by fair, thorough and transparent cost estimation, effective time management, and the skilled coordination of sub-contractors. His quality control and builder team is unrivaled for the value each client receives. He will always present a balanced picture that carefully considers the merits of design, efficiency, practicality and sustainability. Philip’s style marries the best of progressive residential construction with the salt and earth of knowing how to do the job right.”

Hadrian Predock & John Frane – predock frane architects

I have been practicing architecture for over 25 years and have never had such a wonderful construction experience as I had working with Philip Swett as the contractor on the construction of my new home.  Philip is extremely knowledgeable.  He has an amazing understanding of design. He is a team-player and problem-solver.  Above all, however, Philip has an immense amount of integrity and honesty, earning him the respect of his subcontractors, building inspectors, and clients.  I look forward to another opportunity to work with him again in the near future.

Laurie Friedman – Architect/Owner – San Anselmo, CAwww.earthlightdwellings.com


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